Human rights

Songs For Freedom​

Politics, culture, and history are all entwined and kept together by a substance known as music. Music has told the story of the humankind journey better than any textbook could ever hope to do so. A lot of songs and tunes are written in a moment, filled with energy and passion and if performed in the right time and the right place, they could be a very powerful tool.Some songs are standing out from the rest and have a deep and profound impact on the society in way that they changed the course of human history.

Take A Step Forward

Take a step forward is essential non-formal education activity promoting the importance of equality, freedoms and social inclusion and it can be found in Compass publication.This is typically an activity with at least 10 participants, but GamifyEU is bringing a single player experience with many different characters that come together in the end. Don’t be afraid to step into someone else’s shoes! 

Vagrant Sketchbook

Vagrant Sketchbook and This is my story are telling a story of someone that could be any of us.Many lived it and unfortunately this chapter is not closed.

Being a refugee or a migrant means having your world completely upside down with many tough decisions along the way.One is certain – life will never be the same.

This Is My Story…

Put yourself in the shoes of a migrant who just arrived in the Western Europe with all its obstacles and opportunities it brings. What steps you will take, it’s completely up to you. 

Cultural Kitchen

Cultural Kitchen is based on the strong belief that food brings people together – in this game, the player is running a restaurant with a menu based on traditional dishes of different countries around Europe.The player is the restaurant manager and cooks with great pleasure for their guests.