Mission Impossible Online

Exercise TitleMission Impossible Online
PurposeThe well-known exercise for teambuilding, icebreaking at the beginning of a learning activity and getting to know each other adapted to be implemented online using simulation platform Gather Town.
DescriptionFacilitators should prepare the Gather Town platform space/layout and invite participants to join them there. Gather Town combines video-calling with a 2D map, letting you walk around and talk to the other people right next to you, while creation tools also let you make your own custom, interactive spaces. After that, you give participants a group set of tasks to achieve until the end of the required time.

1. Find one person and go together through the presentation of the project(CreativityLAB): objectives, programm, tool – prepare slides + google docfor questions
2. expectations, fear and contributions
3. Create a group photo of at least five people from at least three differentcountries – group chat to everyone
4. Find someone who is a student and ask them about their greateststudent night
.5. Create a group of three from three countries and share a story aboutyour city.
6. Learn to say “Hello” in at least three languages of participants from theexchange.
7. Find someone who has a pet, and ask them “why they love them”.
8. Learn how to say “you are very beautiful!” in 5 languages thatparticipants speak
9. Learn the names of at least 10 participants that are not from yourcountry. 
10. Make a list of each country participants are coming from
11. Sing a song together (at least 5 people) and record it….
– example:
12. Invent the group’s motto for the week (and put in jamboard)! –
13. Make a painting on “gamification & youth work” Whiteboard
14. Make a “to do & not-to-do” List for the week – document it in a Googledoc!
15. In 18:25 go to “secret room”
Tools usedGather Town