Discover the importance of Europe

GamifyEU is a journey of discovery through the history, principles, and purpose of the European Union. Join us on this quest to better understand the EU, from its origins all the way into the present and future. Play your way through Europe, learning more and more about the EU! Only YOU can decide how the EU will be in the upcoming years!

Quizzes in Time

You will travel throught past, present and future of an alternative Europe. In order to get back to your time you will need to prove you are from your time by completing series of games. Finally you will end up right before the EU Parliamentary elections. What will you do with your newfound knowledge? Now that you understand the value of the EU, you decide to test your knowledge about what it means to be an EU citizen. When you successfully complete all of these quests, you are ready for the vote!.

Shattered Timeline

After someone traveled in time, this timeline got damaged and many EU regulations got lost. Help people from all around Europe regain things they lost or forgot, find the flags in all the countries and fix the timeline in this point-and-click game.

MEP for a Month

The timeline is not completely fixed yet and you suddenly find yourself in the shoes of a Member of European Parliament. Destiny is calling you and now you have to learn what do MEPs do on a monthly basis. Your choices and actions will affect your performance on the plenary meeting in Strasbourg.

Roadtrip for a Change

Once again you find yourself in someone else's shoes. This time you will journey across seven European Countries as an activist, your goal is to get at least one million signatures, this way you will manage to have a meeting with an MEP and get your proposal enter the Parliamentary procedure. But it won't be an easy task, you will need to learn a few things about raising awareness about your cause and you will need to do it fast.