About the project

How it all started...​

In YEU we always wanted to bring non-formal education to the next level. Digitalization was always a topic to explore but no one really knew how to approach it. All youth workers and educators in non-formal education were aware that young people are online and that we are not catching up with the technology. Still, we decided to give it a try and propose developing games on the topics of European values and identity. In 2020, European Youth Foundation supported our work and gamification in youth work and human rights education through a workplan format. 

In August 2018 we received the news that our project “YES! GAM-EU : Youth Engagement Strategies and Gamification in the EU” has been approved under the European Youth Together grant scheme funded through the Erasmus plus programme. Starting already in October 2018, we realised that we are entering a completely new field with a very short deadline – a game should already be ready in March 2019. Ok, now what? 

GamifyEU has been a bumpy but unforgettable journey of YEU and its partner organisations on bringing closer gamification as a concept to youth organisations, youth work and non-formal education. 

Something that started as a well-planned 24 months journey of bringing Europe closer to home – young people and local communities – ended up as a project that survived BREXIT and change of a partner as well as COVID19 pandemic with transition from face-to-face meetings and events to 12 months of online work. 

We closed the project on March 31st, 2021, with young people developing recommendations on the future of Europe. 

In the meantime, we implemented 3 training courses, 2 youth exchanges, Ideathon, Creativity Lab, talks with young Members of the European Parliament (MEPs), numerous local events and developed 9 different games promoting European values, identity, social cohesion and diversity.  

From the 1950-ies to nowadays, we are taking players on a journey full of choices, doubts, questions and difficult decisions but also good and creative moments when you realise that everything simply depends on YOU. 

Just like our GamifyEU journey was. 

We know that games can be better. We know that we would probably do some things differently – take our journey as your learning and brace yourself for an incredible ride. We are proud and even if we didn’t love every second of it, we would do it all again. 

YEU wants to thank everyone involved – every participant, trainer, developer, expert, colleague, partner, funder – you’ve made this project better with every suggestion and contribution and we THANK YOU. 

Teams of EACEA and European Youth Foundation – we are indefinitely grateful for trusting us and approving every request, accepting every suggestion we had along the way. Without your flexibility, patience and trust we wouldn’t have such results. 

Enjoy the games and dare to try. If you can dream it, you can do it!