Climate Change

For this specific theme, 3 young climate activists were invited to explain what they do in their day-to-day lives aiming at providing information to young people about climate change and what can be done in order to have a positive impact in the future. The first guest was Jorge Sanchez Hernandez who is a sustainable development goals trainer (SDGs), then followed by Jana Carmela which is a social and climate justice activist for various grass-root movements around Europe, and lastly there was Monika Skadborg which was a member of the Executive Committee of the European Students Union possessing expertise on sustainability and internationalisation.

During the webinar in the format of an interactive dialogue both between the speakers and the participants, the struggles that young people face in regards to Climate Change and its main causes and threats were discussed. The policies of the European Union in this regard and specifically the Green New Deal that has been put forward by the current administration were also presented. On a more general note, Agenda 2030 was put forward by one of the guests specialised on this issue.

Several propositions were also heard on what the EU can do further to tackle climate change, mainly focusing on the need for more sustainable international mobility. Finally, special attention was given on the youth perspective. Besides the numerous little changes that one can make in their individual habits, emphasis was put on more collective actions. INGYO’s could have an impact on an international level, through their strong positions within international institutions and smaller groups, through local sustainable initiatives.

Through this webinar, it was made clear for the participants that as climate change and environmental degradation are a current threat to Europe and the rest of the world, there is an urgent need to act on individual, local and international level.