DYPALL Network – Portugal

Local activities

The workshops “EU for you” were organized by DYPALL with students from secondary schools and universities as the main target groups. Firstly, in October 2019, within the scopeof these workshops, there were meetings with teachers from secondary schools and universities in order to present the project and schedule the sessions for the workshops with the students. During these meetings, the GamifyEU platform was presented as an instrument to be used in the following initiatives.

The “EU for you” workshop sessions were held with about 500 students from secondary schools and universities, between November and December 2019. The sessions tackled youth participation and the impact of the EU in young people’s lives. During these sessions, the GamifyEU project was presented as a resource to fully understand the EU and its institutions. The Ser Geração XXI initiative was a face-to-face activity held in December 2019 with local volunteers and young people. There were about 30 attendees in this activity. The local volunteers and young people shared their experiences in international projects and there was a conversation about future opportunities, such as youth exchanges and training. The GamifyEU project was presented and the extent to which the young people would be involved, explained. In January 2020, three fairs at local High Schools were held, where it was possible to present the opportunities provided by the EU and the Erasmus+ programme.

During these fairs it was possible to present the GamifyEU platform. In total, about 700 high school students participated in the fairs. In March 2020 an Escape Room was organized for local young people. In order to escape the room, young people had to research information about the EU. For this initiative, DYPALL used some of the content that was collected for the platform, sharing it with the participants. The EU Multipliers was a training targeted at representatives of the local youth council of Portimão. It occurred in September 2020 and involved 12 people.

This activity focused on the training of young people to understand EU values and institutions, and used the GamifyEU platform as a support tool. In October 2020 there was an Induction training for ten international volunteers. This was a training for new volunteers, during which the GamifyEU platform was presented as a resource for their volunteering work. Lastly, between May and October 2020, there were Instagram lives, under the name CTalks, with young people who had international experiences such as training, youth exchanges o volunteering. Some of the young people who were involved in the GamifyEU activities were participating. This initiative reached about 400 young people.

Dissemination activities

In November 2019 there was a meeting held with 50 Eurodesk Multipliers. They each presented relevant projects and results and committed to share and promote the GamifyEU platform in their future work. As one of the first dissemination activities, the FEEL Lagoa fair in February 2020 was an opportunity to promote and explain the objectives and outcomes of the GamifyEU Project.

During the mid term training taking place online at the end of April and beginning of May 2020 addressed to 25 International Volunteers, the GamifyEU Platform was presented as a useful resource to be used for those who work with young people and want to explore different dimensions of the EU. The training was repeated in October 2020 for the 10 newcomers.

In May 2020 there was an online meeting also held with 40 Teachers aiming at supporting them in order to overcome the difficulties that remote school brought. The GamifyEU was

once more underlined as a tool that can be used to keep young people captivated and engaged during this new context that the Covid19 pandemic has created.

In June 2020 an online meeting with youth workers was held where the GamifyEU Project was presented for the ANIMAR Network. The project was also brought out as a good practice in September 2020 during the online PBA. 30 Youth Workers participated in this activity, aiming at fostering cooperation and designing future projects under Erasmus+ projects.

In October 2020, during the training on Children rights of 30 Youth workers, educators and municipality officers aiming at understanding children rights at local, national and international level, the GamifyEU platform was pointed out as a relevant and reliable tool to work with children and young people.

Finally, in January 2021 during a series of Webinars called “To the Point” with the objective of presenting the DYPALL network projects and expertise, GamifyEU project was showcased as a good practice to the 30 members of the network that were participating.