Me as online facilitator

Exercise TitleMe as online facilitator
PurposeReflect and discuss several dimensions of online sessions
DescriptionAsk participants to find objects of three different colors (red, yellow and green). The colors should illustrate if they agree, not agree or disagree and disagree from sentences that will be shared. After sharing the sentence, they should raise the object with the color that represents their opinion. Some participants will be invited to share their perspective 

– Online training can never be as good as in-person training
– It is difficult to do plenary sessions with big groups online
– Methods for online facilitation are very limited
– It is impossible to connect to each other on a more personal level online
– What you are wearing and your background is very important
– Participants mics should be muted all the time to avoid background noise 

Do & Don’t for online facilitators 

During 15 minutes, the group will be divided in breakout rooms (5 pax per room) and discuss some points to take into consideration when leading an online session, by identifying things that should be done (DOs) and things that shouldn’t be done (DON’Ts) 
In plenary the group should present their conclusions

Tips & Tricks 

Share several instructions to conduct and lead an online session, following the presentation.
Tools usedZoom, Jamboard