What does EU mean to me?

Exercise TitleWhat does EU mean to me?
PurposeSupport participants to identify themselves with EU and provide participants with space to express it.
Description“EU 5 Senses” Participants sat down in the circle they have been briefly introduced with the activity and what we are going to do, each of them already had prepared materials for each sense.

After each sense we had a question/answer on why did they choose each question and what does it means to them:
– If EU was a FOOD, what would it taste like: use Mentimeter word cloud;
– If EU was an IMAGE, what would it look like: draw and present. (without showing to others, then we ask them to stand up and close their eyes, we count until 3 and they can open their eyes and look at each other’s drawings)
-If EU was a SMELL, what would it smell like: use Mentimeter word cloud;
– If you could touch EU, what would it feel like: find an object in the room
– If EU was a SOUND, how would it sound?: round of sounds
– EU in one WORD?

In any language (+translation to English): write in a post-it.
Tools usedRoom, Flipchart paper, A4 papers, Smartphones, Pencils, Post-its