EU and ME

Exercise TitleEU&ME
PurposeFacilitated discussion (through questions) about what EU means for each of the participant in terms of their life and future; 
DescriptionPreparation: For the first exercise – Where do I stand in EU? – the facilitators should ensure they copy the Jamboard and it is correctly filled with all the participants names, for each question.

Presentation: The facilitator should present the first exercise to incentive the discussion: “What does EU means for each participant in their life and future.” For that, he should share the Jamboard with the participants. For each question, participants will position the sticky note with their name between “Strongly Disagree” to “Strongly Agree” – it is a line between those 2 perspectives, which leaves space for participants to slightly agree or be neutral about the statement, as well. After each question the facilitator can ask a couple of participants with different opinions to share their views.

1. EU has direct impact on avoiding climate changes.
2. Human Rights are an important part of the future EU.
3. It is important to have EU ensuring the safety of our privacy online and offline.
4. Science is highly supported nationally by EU funds.
5. EU is working to guarantee e-learning for all people, from younger ages to elderly.
6. E-government is a fundamental platform in our lives.
7. EU should have a plan to implement 5G in all rural areas.
8. Having free borders to travel within EU is very important.
9. EU has to protect our National and Local culture.
Tools usedJamboard and Discord