EU Journey

Exercise TitleEU Journey
PurposeFacilitate participant’s learning about different aspects of EU in an interactive way.
Description1ST – explain the activity: explain that they will be divided in smaller groups, there will be different tables and that in each one of them there will be a task that the group should complete within 15 minutes so they can go on to the next table until they reach the 7th and last table. Facilitators will be counting the time and will put a music/sound for when it is time to change to the next table. Also explain that the tasks will be written down in each table.  

2ND – Ask if they have any questions.  

3RD – Divide the group: In order to do this, every participant will be given a sticker tag where they have to write their name and put it inside the bag that the one of the facilitators will be holding. When everyone is done writing, the facilitator will be calling 7 names 7 times and ask each time to another facilitator to take the group to one of the tables in the working room. After everyone is in one table, with the rest of the group, the facilitator will ask them to start the task in their first table. In the end, whichever materials they produced they can post on Facebook and/or give it to one of the facilitators.  


1. There will be a computer open on YouTube with a short video about EU history – The group will have to watch the video and draw a timeline with milestones in a paper roll. When finished they must give the result to the facilitator. (
2. In the table there will be a paper listing the EU goals: participants have to read the list of EU goals, discuss and put them in order from most important to them as a group. When they know the order, they need to write it down in the sheet provided and keep it with them until the end of the session. (
3. EU bodies/institutions Puzzle: put the different EU bodies in the correct position and relation to each other. They should take a picture when they have all the puzzle done and post it at the end of the session in the Facebook group. 
4. EU Values: There will be the title of each of values written in a paper. Participants will have to write in a paper what they think it means for them and keep it until the end of the session.  
5. The group got to take photos of how they think an EU MEP looks like and upload it on the Facebook group.  
6. Google station about EU elections – They need to find the basic info about the European elections and present it as for a message to aliens. They will record it or save the results for the next session (where they will present it).  
7. European citizenship wall: on post-its, each member of the group has to write one word on “what it means to me to be EU citizen” and stick it on the wall. 
Tools usedRoom, Papers, Scissors, Tape, Marker, Printer, Flipcharts, 7 Tables, Laptop