EU policy affects ME

Exercise TitleEU policy affects ME
PurposeRaise awareness about the EU policy agenda, its priorities and values EP elections, their importance and provide tools to youth workers to raise awareness and engage them in EP elections, and in overall youth participation.

Each participant gets a piece of PAPER and write in one word what is EU for them.A brief explanation of why they choose that word (whichever participants choose to explain). 


Each participant keeps the paper from the last activity, that piece of paper or post-it is their ‘vote’.
The activities have following rules and it just this that should be shared with the participants:

The participants who gets more post-its by the end of one minute can set a rule for the rest of the session”.

If needed the facilitator can repeat it but after they start the countdown.  

During this time the facilitator should take some notes what happen with the group After counting the papers and ask the person who has more papers to SET A RULE.  
Ask the group if they agree or not.The main goal is to transport them to their reality. 

Questions for debriefing:

What do we do when people ask us to participate?
How do we select those who we give our vote?
Do we want to take the lead or we prefer that others have that role?
“How EU affects me and my life”
Writing 5 things that are really important for us (individually)- 

Ask them to join and create 4 groups.  Each one should share their priorities and within the group, they should select the 10 more important. The group should create a flipchart or some support to present the conclusions. Presentation of the 4 groups. 

PPT presentation with official information as what is the parliament, the commission, the council., and other relevant information related to the election.  
Tools usedRoom, Flipchart, Post-its, Markers, Projector, PPT