Gamification as a method

Exercise TitleGamification as a method
PurposeBringing the gamification method closer to participants and better understanding of specific gamification elements that support the learning experience.
DescriptionDivide the group into small groups and give them two questions to come up with in their perceptions about the topic:
– What is gamification?
– What industries are using gamification?
– How can we use gamification in order to reach out and engage young people?
– Are there any major criticisms of Gamification with young people?
The power of gamification in education video: 

Visual presentation (brief) about the concepts:

– Gamification basics (working definition: Gamification is the use of game mechanics and experience design to engage users and solve real-world problems. Oberprieler 2017)
– Gamification is an approach  of engagement. 
– Gamification is a user-centered design and psychology to tap into deep psychological and emotional needs, creating engaging and fun experiences. 

Gamification uses:
– points; 
– badges;
– leaderboards to reward performance;
 – team spirit to incentivize and reward desired behaviors. 

Other common mechanics and dynamics include:  
gaining experience points;
leveling up;
competition with other individuals and teams;
and receiving virtual and real rewards. 

Gamification in practice:

Participants played 3 GamifyEU games and facilitators organized the debriefing about it using World Café method in 5 different categories to analyse: 

Graphic design: 
Is it visually appealing?
Is the platform distinctive and eye-catching? 
Is it easy to navigate? 

Content relevance: 
Did you learn about EU?
What did you learn?
Adjusted to the age? 
Who is the platform designed for?
What age groups?
Who else might like to use it and why? 
Do you understand the concept of the platform? Can you tell what is the idea behind the platform?

What works and what do you think should be improved?
Which quest or part of the quest? 

Sound design:
If the sound is included, do the sounds help you use the app?
Are they of good quality? Does it delight the user?
Is it fun to use?
Do you think it should be clearer and do you find instructions given easy to understand?

Technical issues, Did you find any technical errors?

What it makes it more appealing: 
suggestions as prize + suggestion to a friend?
 How likely would you recommend this platform to a friend? 
Tools usedRoom, Tables, Flipchart papers, Markers, Smartphones, WiFi, Projector, Laptop