GamifyEU gaming

Exercise TitleGamifyEU gaming
PurposeUsing the gamified learning experience in order to initiate discussions on different topics around EU belonging, active citizenship, decision-making and role of young people in addressing and changing the current challenges.
DescriptionParticipants and facilitators gathered on Zoom where we explained the flow of the session and we introduced and showed how it works by sharing our screen and explaining everything to the participants so they would feel comfortable using it.

We all moved to where we had three rooms and we were playing one game in each room:

Shattered timeline
MEP for a month
Road Trip for a change

In each of the rooms we had one facilitator sharing the screen and playing the game together with the participants. After that, we have made a debriefing and discussion on specific topics that games promote with the participants. We talked about concrete learnings from the game, whether in terms of facts (knowledge) or potential effects on their attitudes and created the group exchange on the game topics that supported exchanging views and opinions of young people.
Tools usedZoom, Gather town, GamifyEU Games