Teambuilding on/offline

Exercise TitleTeambuilding on/offline
PurposeInitiate the group learning process and create a pleasant working atmosphere at the beginning of an activity. This method can and was done both online and offline.
DescriptionSince the group is small we suggest to have this/these activity/ies in the main room with all of the participants together.

Here are some suggestions what you can do:

1. Pantomime [ask a volunteer to pantomime the word that you will tell only them in private chat, the rest of the group needs to guess – they can unmute themselves or write their guess in the chat]

2. Guess the drawing [ask a volunteer and text them privately one word that can be shown through a drawing (e.g. tree, computer, ring, EU…). The volunteer will start drawing and the other participants need to guess.]

3. Continue the sentence [In the chat make a list of the participants. Start with saying only one word and ask them to go by the order you made and continue the sentence you started. They need to repeat every word that was said before them and add their own.]

4. Counting [Ask the participants to unmute themselves and start counting all together from 1 to as much as they can reach, but there are some rules – if two or more people say the same number at the same time they need to start counting all over again, and they can not make an order who goes after whom, it has to be spontaneously]
Tools usedZoom or in a physical space