Gaming to Learning

Exercise TitleGaming to Learning
PurposeUnderstanding the educational logic of games and what possible methods can they use to gamify the learning experience and vice versa.
Facilitators introduced the session and provided theoretical input about learning aspects of gaming.Participants were then given the task to choose one game from the given list(facilitators pre-made the list of 20 popular video games), while facilitators then created groups around selected games and gave tasks to participants to identify possible learning experience from the selected game.
Group work
Explore the game (play if possible), reflect about elements and approaches, extract the learning aspects and complete the template, prepare presentation.Participants in groups had to complete a given Template containing following elements: The chosen game, Aspects of the game that are or can be educational, The type of learning activity you can develop from the game? What exact knowledge a player could gain?  What skills a player could gain? What attitudes a player could change or adopt? Describe step-by-step how would you turn this game (or part of it) into a learning activity, Possible challenges and define how the game could be used as an educational activity. 
Presentation and feedbacks
Groups then presented shortly their ideas and provided each other, together with facilitators, with feedbacks.
Tools usedZoom, Canva, Google Doc