Online Living Library – Youth influencing EU

Exercise TitleOnline Living Library – Youth influencing EU
PurposeFamiliarize young people with other youngsters working in EU institutions and learn from other people’s experiences what they can do for EU at local and european level, the obstacles, how to get involved at EU level, the importance of being involved, etc. through the newly adapted online living library method.

Participants introduce themselves:
1 – change their name in zoom – 1st name + Country
2 – they write in the chat what’s their connection with EU (NGO/EU institution/etc)

Explanation of Human Library methodology + adaptation to online version           

Present the books (guests) using the name of the book by “their name” + 1′ for each book after this to present themselves.

Participants then should choose the books they would like to “read” for both rounds – using a prepared google sheet.


Division of the participants
– 1st round – give a few examples of the questions/conversation topics to be addressed with the books – PLAY box rounds bell       

READING  TIME (participants go to breakoutrooms of the book they selected and have a conversation on certain topic that book presents)            

Division of the participants

– 2nd round – PLAY box round bellREADING  TIME (participants go to breakoutrooms of the book they selected and have a conversation on certain topic that book presents) 

– How was the experience? for the books? for the participants?
– Did all readers get a chance to ask their questions and get answers from the books?

Do you feel that through your conversations you’ve opened people’s eyes to new experiences/perspectives/worldviews that perhaps they were unaware of before?

Have your eyes been opened to new experiences/perspectives/worldviews through your conversations with the books?
– Did you learn something new/interesting? What’s your most important takeaway?
– Did you get inspired in some way? How?
– Did you relate in any ways to the books’ paths?
– Do you feel more confident in pursuing a career/path within EU institutions/orgs?
– What did you think about the tool? Would you attend a physical human library or a sequel of this online one?”       “evaluation (using zoom poll) + connect with the next activity (inspired to contribute)
–  Through my readings, my eyes were opened to other experiences and perspectives that I was unaware of before
– These books inspired me to be more connected with European Union
– Would you attend a physical human library. Or a sequel of this online one.
Tools usedZoom, Google Sheets, Prezi