Coffee with MEP

Exercise TitleCoffee with MEP
PurposeProvide space to young people for direct interaction with the Members of the European Parliament and raise knowledge and awareness of young people about the professional role and standpoints of a MEP in informal online setting.
DescriptionWelcome and intro

The event started with MEPs and participants. Facilitator asked participants to change their names in NAME AND COUNTRY they are coming from.
Facilitators make a small introduction about the activity (Gamifyeu, YEU, team, time, structure, rules) and talk in a few words about all MEPs:
Name, Surname, Where do they come from?
When did they become MEP?
What are they doing? 
Moderator asks MEPs to present themselves.
Tell us something about yourself in this order:
1. 3 things as MEP2.
2 things as human being
3. 1 thing as European citizen 

1. prepared intro questions:What made or inspire you to become MEP?
– some questions from the registration form
– general questions from participants (if you have a question right down in the chat your name)
– specific questions for one of the MEPs (example from facilitator and then the participants have a chance to ask)
– last short questions      

Participants had the opportunity either to raise a hand and speak or write questions in the chat, if they are more comfortable this way, we will monitor this. We asked to include questions that participants want to discuss, in the registration form also, based on this the MEP can understand better what to address. 

We did not concentrate on certain topics but highlight that we are interested in personal experience and professional opinions of a MEP. 

For example:
What is challenging?
What do they like about their job?
How does it specifically affect the EU and its citizens?
What is their view on youth goals?
How do they work on youth issues from their position?
Why is the EU important for young people?
What are the main values of the EU they stand for?
How do you see the EU reactions and measures in the crisis situation (with example of the pandemic)?
How do these kinds of crisis responses are usually made? 

However, we pointed out the youth topic and EU response in crisis situations will be of the bigger interest, but these should not be the main topics of the Coffee. 

 Sum up

The event is finished by summing up what we heard during the discussion. We also talked about the rest of the events that happened in the frames of the project. 

Feedback Poll 

1. How did you like the activity?
2. What was the biggest discovery from today?
3. If you were MEP, what would be the first thing you do?
Tools usedPadlet, Zoom